Local Church History

The Beginnings 

On 3 November 2002, TMC PJ started a second service at their former sanctuary in Taipan, Subang Jaya for the convenience of their members living around that area. A group of about 50 members began worshipping there. This was made as an Outreach of TMC PJ, with a vision of planting another church. This outreach was originally named as Tamil Methodist Church, Taipan. There was strong leadership and financial support. During this period a Pro Tem Committee was formed with Mr. Daveethu Jacob and Mr. M. Gnanadhas as co-ordinators. Rev.  Devarakam John was the Pastor-in-charge from 3 November 2002 till June 2003. In June 2003, Pastor Francis Loh, a student pastor, assisted Rev. Herbert D John and served till January 2004. From February 2004 till 4 February 2005, Mr. Silvestor Louis Martin, a Ministerial Student, assisted Rev. Herbert.   

Taipan Outreach to TMC Subang Jaya 

The Taipan Outreach of TMC PJ had a Full Membership of 68. It was constituted as a Local Conference on 5 February 2005 and was renamed as Tamil Methodist Church, Subang Jaya. Rev. Devadass Ratnam was appointed the first Pastor-in- charge and Pastor S. Selvaraj was appointed the Church Worker to assist. At the time of formation, there were 19 children in the Church School and the children chose a name for themselves - “Joyful Jewels.” The MYF had 16 members. The youths were active in church ministry and choir. There were 10 members in the MYAF. Sunday Worship service was at 8 am.   

Serving the Needy 

The MW conducted a seminar on “The Socio-Economic and Legal Impact of Woman Headed Household in a Multi-Cultural Society”. The aim was to help single mothers to run small home-based businesses. The Christian Education Committee set up a church library. The Missions Committee conducted a Medical Camp for the needy in Kampung Tropicana and helped 95 people. Also, a mission trip was organised to an Orang Asli Settlement at Slim River on 17 September 2005. The Social Concerns Committee conducted Hospital Ministry by visiting the sick. They helped the Stepping Stones Home by donating cash and provisions. In 2005 they supported 21 children through the MMM “Gift of Hope” Myanmar Child Adoption Project.   

Search for Proper Worship Place 

The church continued to use the first and second floors of the 3 storey building at Taipan, Subang Jaya. The Mar Thoma Church used the first floor for its service on Sunday evenings and gave a love gift. The Selangor State Government allotted PT70873, Section 31, Hicom Gamuda, to the Methodist Church in Malaysia on 16 August 2005. This land area of 1.2 acres was to be shared by TMC Subang Jaya and the Chinese Methodist Church (CMC). A submission of the Plans by TMC Subang Jaya/CMC Kota Kemuning was pending (TAC Journal Property Report page 191).  

Missions and Social Concerns 

In 2006 Rev. Joseph Komar was the Pastor-in-charge and Pastor S. Selvaraj continued as the Church Worker. The Full Membership was 68. The Church School had 26 children and 5 teachers. The children joined in the church’s “Chain Prayer Programme.” The Missions team made a trip to the Orang Asli Settlement in Slim River. The Social Concerns Committee continued their support of the needy families. They also made hospital visitations and conducted tuition classes at TMC Subang Jaya and Kampung Tropicana. These educational activities were headed by Pastor S. Selvaraj. The church was also involved in Migrant Ministry in Cyberjaya.    

In 2007, Rev. John V. Kovilpillai, a retired minister, was the Pastor-in-charge. The Full Membership was 72. The church continued its activities in the Migrant Ministry at Cyberjaya, ministry at Kampung Tropicana and missions work amongst the Orang Asli at Ulu Slim, Perak. Christian Education continued to conduct bible quizzes for its members. Social Concerns were supporting four needy families with food provisions, conducting hospital visitation and also organising a 24 hour prayer programme.  

In Search of a Permanent Church Building 

In 2008 Rev. Jonathan Jesudas was the Pastor-in-charge. The ministerial student Mr. John Sunder helped on weekends. The Full Membership was 90. The average attendance at the worship service was 70-80. The Church School met on Sundays and had 6 teachers and 17 children. The church supported the Ulu Slim Orang Asli ministry. They also contributed RM5,000 to TAC’s MMM ministry. The church raised funds to put up a church building and a parsonage on the Kota Kemuning land.   

In 2009 Rev. M.G. Thana Raj was the Pastor. The Full Membership was 109. Five Cell Groups were formed and met at homes once in 2 weeks. Mission work was conducted amongst the Orang Asli at Ulu Slim, Perak. They also supported 17 Myanmar children through the Child Adoption Project. A member was sent on a short mission trip to Nepal. Postal Bible Quizzes were conducted and some members also participated in the National Level Bible Quiz. A total of 21 children attended Church School. They supported Juara Home and needy people with provisions. Social Concern also visited a HIV shelter and supported their work financially and physically. The Music and Worship team conducted Christmas carols. The 23 registered MYF members were actively involved in various church activities.    

Moving On With Mission Emphasis 

From 2010 to 2015 Rev. A. James Ravindaren was the Pastor. In 2010, the Full Membership was 112. The Church School had only 12 children but they were given good attention. The Christian Education Committee arranged for Rev. Victor Vethamani to conduct monthly Bible Studies on the Minor Prophets.    

The Mission Committee had good work done among the Nepalese, Myanmarees and the Orang Asli. A Myanmar ministerial student, Peter Myo Zaw helped in the ministry. The church needed more space for its ministry. The Building Committee continued to work on the Kota Kemuning project.  

Reaching the Indian community at Putra Heights 

In 2011 the Full Membership was 111. They started an English worship service. In 2012 the Full Membership was 112. The Indian community at the Putra Heights and Puchong areas were helped through the Subang Jaya Love Centre’s tuition and computer classes. Myanmar services were also started with the assistance of student pastor Peter Myo Zaw at Putra Heights  

Kota Kemuning the Future Church Land 

In 2013 the Full Membership was 117. The Evangelism Committee had the USJ 1 flats and Alam Megah flats as their target to reach the non-believers with the Gospel. The members visited the Orang Asal settlement at Kampung Tual, Raub twice this year. The church Building Committee commenced levelling the land at Kota Kemuning and fenced the future church land. Rev. James Ravindaren gave good leadership inspite of the added responsibility as the Southern District Superintendent. In 2014 the Full Membership was 122. An Esther Prayer was started, 30 minutes before every Sunday Worship service. Members took turns every week to lead in this prayer. A new outreach ministry was started at Putra Heights. The church was involved in two Orang Asal Settlements (Kg. Tual and Kg. Cherong) at Raub. In 2015 the Full Membership was 128. The church worked on developing the Kota Kemuning land to put up a building. They planned to have worship services at Kota Kemuning. The Myanmar ministry was discontinued in March. However, the Indian Expatriate service, which commenced in 2014, continued with an average attendance of 35 members. They met every first Saturday at 7.30 pm.  

Kota Kemuning Outreach Launched 

From 2016 to 2018 Rev. D.B. Laurence was the Pastor-in-charge. In 2016, the Full Membership was 128. The Kota Kemuning Outreach was launched on 15 May. They met at three different homes of 3 different churches. The Putrajaya Outreach was launched on 12 March by the TAC President Rev. C. Jayaraj. The first Communion Service was held on 13 June. The MYAF supported the Tebong ministry.  A Building Committee was formed to re-look and develop the church Building Plans for the Kota Kemuning land. The earlier Conceptual Plans began in June 2013.  

In 2017 the Full Membership was 124. The Missions Committee visited the Orang Asli twice and did some maintenance of the facilities previously built at Kampung Tual, Raub. A mini VBS was also conducted amongst the Orang Asal children at Kampung Cherong, Raub. The church handed over the Putrajaya ministry to TMC Sungai Pelek at the end of 2017.   

The Building Committee agreed to re-design the church Building Plan. The appointed architect was advised to revise the layout and design to fit within a budget of RM1 million. The pastor, Rev. D.B. Laurence had his hands full, for he was not only in charge of two local churches, but he was also the Conference Director of the Young Adults and the Conference Registrar.   

Developing the Putra Heights Ministry 

In 2018 the Full Membership was 131. A team of five, under the leadership of the Pastor, went to Kuching on a Mission trip. The church targeted Putra Heights as their outreach point. A biweekly Cell Group was held in one of the member’s home in Putra Heights. Weekly tuition classes were held on Saturdays to help the needy Indian children from Puchong and Putra Heights. About 69 children registered for this tuition. Transportation was provided for these children to the tuition centre. About 15 volunteer teachers from the church as well as members from neighbouring churches are involved in this ministry.   

Getting the Whole Church Involved 

An evangelistic exposure trip to Kuching was also carried out and 5 members spent 5 days in this ministry. Six cell groups continue to meet once every 2 weeks to enhance their bible knowledge. 15 children attend the Church School and about 8 teachers take turns to guide these children. Through the effort of the Evangelism & Missions Committee and the Methodist Women, the church also extended their support to one youth to Sepulut and two youths to the South Thailand TEACH Centre. The MYAF and MYF are also actively involved in various church activities and a Family Camp was also organised by them at the Morib Gold Coast Resort for 3 days. Members enjoyed good interaction, fellowship and togetherness.   

In 2019, Rev. C. Jayaraj, the pastor of TMC Shah Alam, continues as the Pastor of TMC Subang Jaya. Pastor Timothy Raj, a new graduate, is appointed as the Assistant Pastor. The Local Lay Leader is Mr. M. Gnanadhas and the LCEC Chairperson is Mr. Jeeva Moses. There are 131 Full Members. The membership in the Agencies is as follows: MYF (16), MYAF (21) and MW (30). Help is extended to needy Indian community children from the Putra Heights and Puchong areas. Tuition classes are conducted with the help of 15 volunteer teachers. There are 69 registered children from families who are non-believers attending these tuition classes. The Outreach Ministry continues at Putra Heights by conducting services on Sunday evenings at 5.00pm. About 15 people including some non-believers attend. Friday bible study and prayer are held every week and bible study is also conducted every alternate Thursdays by Mrs. Janet Tevaraji. Also, there are seven Cell Groups meeting fortnightly. Bible quizzes are also held every Sunday to equip the members with the knowledge of the Word of God. The ALPHA programme was started with the help of Pastor Timothy Raj.      

Conclusion: It is now 14 years since TMC Subang Jaya became a Local Church. At the time of their formation as a local church, the Full Membership was 68. In 2019 it is 131. They had about 26 visitors to their church Sunday service this year. The Building Committee is seriously looking into building a church at the Kota Kemuning land and the Conceptual Building Plan should be ready by early 2020. On the whole the church members and families of TMC Subang Jaya have been greatly blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible reminds, “…From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (Luke 12: 48b). TMC Subang Jaya has received much from the Lord, and as such, their responsibility now is to be a great blessing to many, for the glory of God.     


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