Local Church History

The Early Years 

The ministry in Pusing was started in 1993 when Rev P. Tevaraji was the pastor- in-charge of the TMC Ipoh. The first meeting was held in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob. This ministry began with house visitation by Miss Esther Devadason and Mr Joseph William. From 1995 - 2000 Rev John Kovilpillai and from 2001 – 2003 Rev. Peter Devadason were the pastors of the Mother church.   

Beginning of Regular Prayer Meetings 

A regular prayer meeting was started at the Home of Madam Antasi A/P Arokiasamy at No 157, Bk L Perumahaan Awan, Jalan Parit, Pusing. This family eventually shifted their house to No 140 Jalan Melati 5, Taman Melati Pusing. The ministry began to flourish in this new vicinity. More leaders from the TMC Ipoh began to be involved and help and the ministry began to grow in number. In 2002 a semi-wooden shop lot was rented (near the Police Station) and regular Sunday evening service was held.    

Beginning of Cell Group Meetings 

From 2003-2004, Mr. Tharmapal, the Evangelism Chairman, coordinated this ministry. Mr.& Mrs Arul Manickam helped in the Church School. In 2004 the cell group ministry was started by Mr. R. Steven. The cell group was held weekly in different homes. Pusing was targeted to become a Local Conference in 2009. Rev. A.E. Joseph was the pastor of TMC Ipoh from 2004 – 2008.   

Beginning of Sunday Worship Service 

Mr. & Mrs Louis Martin took charge of this ministry from 2005-2006. Some converts were baptised by Rev A.E. Joseph. From then on Sunday worship service, Church School, Cell Group and visitation were carried out weekly in the evening. Ministry was also done among the Indian workers. In March 2006 the ministry continued in a new shop lot building in Taman Damai, Pusing  

Friday Services Restarted 

Mr. & Mrs. Ruben Tharmaraj were put in charge of this ministry from 2007-2008. They restarted the Friday service in 2008 after a gap of a year and about 5-10 believers began to attend regularly. Regular evening Sunday Service, Church School, Cell Group ministry were held.  

Consolidating Ministry by Stationing a Worker 

In 2009 Pastor Paul Mani and his family were stationed in Pusing to consolidate this ministry. Mr R. Steven (Evangelism Chairman) proposed the formation of a Pro Tem Committee and it was duly established on 1 Feb 2009. This was when Rev Devarakam John was the Pastor of TMC Ipoh from 2009 – 2012. All the Agencies were set up and began to function. The Sunday service was changed to morning 9 am from June 2009 onwards. Parit Outreach ministry was started in the Home of Mr & Mrs Amuda at 6th mile, Ladang Glenealy on Sunday evenings at 6pm.  

Purchase of a Piece of Land 

In 2011, a Bungalow lot piece of land was purchased for RM 56,000 in Se Puteh. Plans were approved and the corner-stone was laid on 1 November 2012 by the Conference President Rev. C Jayaraj. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the building did not materialise. In February 2013, a shop-lot in Taman Mewah Pusing, which is situated in the town, was bought for RM 349,000. Renovation work, costing RM 200,000, was started in August. The new building was dedicated by the TAC President Rev. C. Jayaraj on 15 December 2013. A van was purchased for RM 98,000 in November 2013. The ministry further grew under the able leadership of Rev. Paul Mani with the help of the members. The Full Membership reached 60 with 17 children.  

Pusing Becomes a Local Conference 

On 25 June 2014 the LCEC of TMC Ipoh accepted the proposal made by Mr. R. Steven and seconded by Mrs. Sakuntala David to make Pusing a Local Conference in 2015. This recommendation was brought up and accepted at the Second Local Conference on 28 September 2014. The recommendation for the formation of Pusing as a Local Conference was accepted at the 39th Session of the Tamil Annual Conference. It was formed as a Local Conference on 7 February 2015. Rev. Paul Mani Sabrail was appointed as the first Pastor of this church and he served till 2016. The Lay Leader was Mr. Vincent Michael and LCEC Chairperson was Mr. Anthonitas Inasimuthu. At the 2015 Annual Conference, the District Superintendent reported that TMC Pusing had a passion for new souls. They saw new visitors every week. In 2016, they gave financial support for the Tamil ministry in Bruas and Kuching. The present sanctuary overflowed during festivals and the church also needed to purchase a parsonage. In 2017 Rev. David Rasahpandy was appointed the Pastor, with Rev. Steven Arumugam as the Assistant Pastor.  The first ever VBS was held and fifty children participated, of which 25 of them were from non – Christian background. Mr. Anthony Das committed himself for the pastoral ministry. In 2018, Rev. Seenivasagam David took charge as the Senior Pastor with Rev. Steven Arumugam continuing as the Assistant Pastor.   

From January 2019, Rev. Steven Arumugam is the Pastor-in-charge. The current LCEC Chairperson is Mr. Rajeshkanna and the Lay leader is Mr. Daniel Pinner. The Full Membership is 67. The membership of the Agencies is as follows: MYF (6), MW (18). There is no MYAF and MSF. There are 10 children and 3 teachers in the Church School. Outreach work is done in Parit through monthly visitation. There are about 5 people from 2 families there. Pusing Home Fellowship meetings takes place in six different areas on Tuesdays at 8pm.        

Conclusion: In the four years as a  local church, there were four different pastors in charge -  Rev. Paul Mani Sabrail (2015 and 2016), Rev. David Rasahpandy (2017), Rev. Seenivasagam David (2018) and Rev. Steven Arumugam (2019). When the proposal to become a Local Church was made at the 2014 Annual Conference, the Full Membership Roll was 69 and today it is 67. The local church continues to face financial difficulties, though in 2018 it was reported that there was a slight improvement. Their only outreach work is at Parit and the progress is slow, with only monthly visits. At present there are no Lay Preachers in this local church. Much prayer and concerted effort are needed to lift this church to the next level.  


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