Question & Answer :

1. What is BOAH Cloud Platform?

An online platform to broadcast and collect historical data’s using Google cloud technology.

2. BOAH cloud Platform is built on which technology/Services?

Google Technology & Services.

3. What are the services hosted on BOAH Platform?

BOAH App is hosted on this platform.

4. What is BOAH App?

BOAH App is a website hosting on google cloud services for BOAH.

5. What is benefit of BOAH App?

Creating awareness, cost effective, helps the local church archivist to store historical data’s.

6. What are the services hosted on BOAH App?

Information sharing, Google Drive & Google Calendar.

7. Where the data’s are being stored?

Data’s are kept in CLOUD using Google Drive Technology.

8. How to access the BOAH App?

9. What are access rights given to access this site?

Public has the limited viewing rights to the site and the local church archivist is given full rights

for accessing and uploading data to the BOAH Google Drive.

10. How the security of this site?

Site is hosted on Google cloud Platform and SSL Secured Link has been initiated for data


11. How much is the initial investment to develop this platform?

Site is fully developed by the BOAH cloud Platform Team and no cost involved.

Mobile app development & hosting cost is RM1500 – One time Cost.

12. Does this platform mobile friendly?

Yes, application is designed to cater for mobile users. Desktop version is available too.

13. Who will be maintaining the site?

BOAH Cloud Platform Team will take full charge for maintaining & upgrading.

BOAH Cloud Platform Team